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A model of co-facilitation for supporting group coaching-supervision

M Lucas, C Whitaker International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2014

This article presents a model of how two coaching supervisors work together when delivering co- facilitated group coaching supervision. The model consists of three layers. The first layer concerns how they manage the task of group supervision. The second layer articulates the tensions that exist in the relationship between the two supervisors and how they use this creatively to the benefit of their groups. The final and third layer attempts to articulate the energies that are created amongst the group. This model is not presented as a prescription of how to work – rather it is a deconstruction of how these supervisors work. Whilst borne out of coaching supervision work the model could also be applied in other contexts – for example facilitation and training. The authors welcome input from other practitioners to both test and build their current thinking.

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