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The Experience and Impact of Motivational Interviewing-via-Coaching Tools on National Smokers’ Telephone Hotline Employees

T Mantler, JD Irwin, D Morrow International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2013

This study‘s purpose was to assess the experience and impact of Motivational Interviewingvia-Co-Active Life Coaching training on smoking hotline employees‘ perceived competency to facilitate callers‘ behaviour changes. In-depth interviews and a Perceived Competency Scale (PCS) were utilized. Themes discussed at baseline included clients barriers and desired changes to practice. Post-training participants described their skill development and feeling re-energized. Three-months post-training, increases in competency and a desire for more training were highlighted. Trends in the PCS were consistent with qualitative findings of increased competency. Implementation constraints were also described. The training had a positive impact on participants‘ perceived competencies to facilitate behaviour change.

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