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Benefits of formal mentoring for female leaders

R Høigaard, P Mathisen International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2009

In this study we examined mentor function and communication in relation to potential benefits for female protégés. Data were collected from 36 female leaders (10 with a female mentor and 26 with a male mentor) enrolled in a formal mentor program. A self-reported questionnaire measuring mentoring function (e.g. coaching behavior and counseling behavior), communication skills (e.g. listening quality and communication structure) and relationship similarity was sent to the participants after the formal mentor program ended. The participants reported that the mentor relationship increased their job satisfaction, career planning and perceived leader behavior. No significant differences between protégés with a male mentor and protégés with a female mentor, or between perceived similarities on the measured variables, were detected. The findings also demonstrate the importance of coaching behaviors on perceived leader performance.

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