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An Analysis of the Impact of SME Organisational Culture on Coaching and Mentoring

D Peel International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2006

This paper explores the relationship between small and medium sized enterprise (SME) organisational culture and its impact on coaching and mentoring through the use of a case study methodology. The impact of culture as a phenomenon and the significance of SMEs themselves is significant. Existing literature is used to focus the correlation between organisational cultures and performance, culture change and strategy development and deployment in order to argue that this phenomenon is omnipresent and impacts on every aspect of an organisation’s existence. The research draws on data that seeks to test the existence of organisational culture within SMEs. It then examines how respondents within SME organisations identify and articulate the impact of that culture. In conclusion this study provides the opportunity for respondents to identify any correlation between organisational culture and coaching/mentoring that they are aware of.

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