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Beyond time management: how the latest research on time perspective and perceived time use can assist clients with timerelated concerns

I Boniwell International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2005

In this article questions such as “What is a good use of time?” and “How can one’s relationship with time contribute to their well-being?” are raised and discussed with regard to empirical research on various aspects of psychology of time. In the fist part of the paper, the construct of time perspective is considered. It is argued that a balanced time perspective is associated with the highest levels of well-being. The second part draws on qualitative and quantitative research and addresses the concept of perceived time use. Four factors, are shown to play a major role in how people spend their time and how happy they feel with it: liking what one does and perceiving it as worthwhile, balance, responsibility and achievement, and time anxiety and lack of control. The last part of the paper considers practical implications of psychology of time for coaches and other professionals.

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