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Structured interventions in coaching: Theory-based ‘seeding’ as a coaching practice and learning paradigm

C Wood International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2015

This study takes a preliminary look at the use of explicit structures (seeds), such as theoretical models, as a way of facilitating the coaching engagement in general and specific client outcomes in particular. Using Heuristic Inquiry, the study examines the coach and client experiences that accompany the use of seeding. It attempts to identify common themes and outcomes associated with seeding as well as to provide a possible theoretical underpinning. Anecdotal evidence suggests that structured interventions can facilitate client learning, simplify and standardise reference frames, language and meaning in coaching conversations and provide a guide for the exploration and organisation of client experience towards realising the clients desired outcomes. Set against a backdrop of limited research and active coaching debates, the investigation examines client and coach experience, practice and attitudes and explores the diverse theory and literature that illuminate ‘seeding’, its nature, and possible implications for coaching theory and practice.

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