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Creating the conditions for receptivity of feedback

L Lewis International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2015

Feedback is generally accepted as key to improving business performance and is integral to coach practice. However, the anticipation of this activity can elicit feelings of anxiety and fear. Observations from business and coach practice developed a perception that feedback has negative connotations and is often avoided. The PPR Coaching Framework created from analysis and interpretation of data from coach practice offers guidance on a ‘way of being’. The framework takes a relational approach for creating the conditions for receptivity of feedback. The anticipation is that engaging in feedback from this perspective will diminish the current conjecture and promote more positive engagement. There appears to be insufficient guidance in coaching text on how competency in feedback is acquired; evidenced by the emphasis on tools and techniques. With relational aspects gaining prominence (de Haan and Nie, 2012) this suggests that this study will inform those engaged in feedback and contribute to coaching literature.

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