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How can Maternity Coaching influence Women’s Re-engagement with their Career Development: a Case Study of a Maternity Coaching Programme in UK-Based Private Law Firms

C Filsinger International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2012

This article explores the influence maternity coaching has on how women re-engage with their career development after maternity leave. The study addresses the lack of understanding of the longterm influence of maternity coaching. It is based on a case study of maternity coaching in three UK based private law firms. Three key career re-engagement factors were identified: ‘work’, ‘relationships’ and ‘role models’. Maternity coaching was found to influence these factors by supporting women during the return to work phase at an emotional level, a practical level and through long-term career development reflections. The findings could be relevant in other sectors with similar working conditions, for coaching after career breaks, and could inform coaching programmes for professional parents regardless of their gender.

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