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Coaching Clients through the Quarter-Life Crisis: What works?

A Stapleton International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2012

Evidence continues to suggest that the quarter-life crisis is a prominent experience, yet coaching related literature on the subject is limited. This study develops the understanding of the quarter-life crisis by challenging the potentially outdated work of Erikson (1980) and Levinson (1978). Effective coaching approaches and tools for quarter-life clients are also explored. A qualitative survey was conducted using semi-structured interviews, which found that the prominent challenges this group faces are around identity; experiencing independence; pressure from self and others; and feelings uncertainty and depression. Effective coaching approaches and tools are those that offer the client direction and focus; the opportunity to set goals, action plan and learn new skills; that seek to develop the client’s self-awareness, develop their confidence, their ability to view the situation from an alternative perspective and to reflect on a regular basis.

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