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Coaching and Spiritual Values in the Workplace: exploring the perspective of coaches.

A Griffiths International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2010

This study explores coaching and Spiritual Values (SV) in the workplace through the coach’s perspective, using a qualitative research method based on an interpretative phenomenological approach (IPA). Data was collected from seven coaches through semi-structured interviews and from previous research using meta-ethnography. Data from the study suggests; the importance of the coach’s own spiritual journey when working in this context; that the characteristics associated with SV are desirable within a multi-cultural, global company, as well as being possible contributory factors to the longevity and resilience of an organisation; and that the authentic alignment of passions and values is a vital component within the coaching approach, especially when explored as ‘ambitions of a higher order’. Finally, a ‘Spiritual Helix Coaching Model’ is put forward as a possible guide for coaches working within the context of SV development.

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