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Exploring current thinking within the field of coaching on the role of supervision

T Salter International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2008

Coaching supervision has become a ‘hot potato’ in recent months as many coaching organisations and trainers are championing the need for anyone calling themselves a professional coach to have a supervisor. The professional bodies are also playing their part by either commissioning research, or producing articles or guidelines advocating the establishing and promotion of coaching supervision. In this study I have sought to find out what the current thinking is on coaching supervision, and how coaches and organisations see this progressing in the future. I have discovered that not all coaches subscribe to the notion that coaching supervision could and should become fully integrated into coaching practice; I have sought to understand some of the issues that cause concern for coaches when they read guidelines and articles that fully endorse supervision. At the same time I have explored the thoughts and experiences of those who do believe that all coaches should engage in supervision.

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