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Issues in peer mentoring for undergraduate students in a private university in the United Arab Emirates

S Aderibigbe, DF Antiado, AS Anna International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2015

This study explored peer mentoring among a group of students in order to reinforce our understanding of the process within a private university in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Data collection and analysis were done by means of quantitative and qualitative strategies. The findings revealed that peer mentoring appears to be guided by both the apprenticeship and constructivist conceptions of the process. Further, the data indicated that peer mentoring is beneficial to the peer mentors, their colleagues and the university while the process can also be challenging. For instance, lack of recognition and difficulty in recruitment were identified as huge challenges to the peer mentoring process in this context. Lastly, the study suggested that peer mentoring can be strengthened with recognition, more training and clarification of expectations while implications of the findings on practice were also discussed.

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