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The value of coaching supervision as a development process: Contribution to continued professional and personal wellbeing for executive coaches

A Hodge International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2016

Coaching supervision is a prerequisite for accreditation of executive coaches by coaching associations in the UK. However, there is still considerable skepticism, caution, even ignorance about the nature and purpose of coaching supervision and many coaches do not engage. The aim of this action research was to explore what happens in the coaching supervision process with a view to establishing its relevance and value. The project involved two groups of participants (a) six executive coaches and (b) five coaching supervisors who engaged in their own regular supervision sessions. The findings affirmed that one-to-one reflection on practice with a qualified supervisor is a vital factor. However, there is surprising new evidence about what else is useful that includes a range of support for coaches to contribute to their continued professional and personal wellbeing.

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