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Global Coaching for Organizational Development

P Rosinski The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2011

The author examines the notion of “coaching culture” by referring to his definitions of “coaching” and “culture.” 1 He further investigates the concept of a “global coaching culture” building on “global coaching,” which transcends traditional coaching. Coaching is viewed here as a general philosophy and outlook, rather than as a particular leadership style. The goal of promoting a “global coaching culture” was implicit in the author’s approach of coaching for organizational development in the case of a strategic alliance between a Dutch and a French company. The article discusses the outcomes of this hybrid approach and describes the process.2 In particular, it explains the application of the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment. Finally, in hindsight, the author considers the usefulness of the “global coaching culture” concept. What else could have been achieved in light of this notion? The underlying elements associated with a “global coaching culture” and coaches’ congruence mattered more than that concept per se.

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