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Executive Coaching Summit II: Identifying the Present and Envisioning the Future Of Executive Coaching

L Smith, J Sandstrom The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2003

This is the second annual White Paper presenting outcomes and conclusions developed by a community of Executive Coaches attending an International Summit for purposes of further defining and refining the burgeoning Executive Coaching profession. The objective of the second Summit was to extend collaborative processes for the global benefit of the profession, to delineate the best practices and framework of executive coaching and to envision a glimpse of the future of executive coaching. This Summit concluded that collaboration in the executive coaching industry must happen, that the Best Practices of Executive Coaching must be identified and made globally available, and that the future of the profession is at a critical crossroads. The extreme level of collaboration that was displayed by the participants pointed to positive potential for future realization of grand visions for the profession although the product of their efforts produced more questions than answers. In the end, the Summit reached an activity level compelling the group to action and connection beyond the limitation of annual summit meetings.

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