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Research into Impact of Coaching in Organizations: A Summary of Findings, Discussions and Significance An Edited Extract from UK Master’s Thesis

A Wai The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2003

The past twenty years have seen an explosion of new thinking about how adults develop, what organizations need to do to adapt to rapid change, how the change process itself is ongoing and cyclical, and that learning can be lifelong. We know now, in ways that were unknown just a few years ago, that adults have the potential to learn and make dramatic changes throughout their life span. By looking at what we currently know, what we observe, and what the research suggests, we have a rich domain for interpretation and exploration. As part of the requirement for my Master’s degree program, I conducted a qualitative study into how coaching has impacted organisations in China; I found that the results were consistent with other research findings around the world. Here is a summary of my findings, discussions, and perceived significance of the benefits for other coaches around the world.

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