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Executive Coaches Share Openly During ICF Annual Conference Panel Discussion

J Wright, L Miller, W Bergquist, B Johnson, M O’Neill, J Sandstrom, V Williams, K Zepuntke International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2004

The field of executive coaching continues to emerge as practitioners strive to support executives aimed at enhancing their current and future leadership effectiveness. This article represents the collective and diverse viewpoints, models and personal standards from a group of highly regarded executive coaches from North America and Europe. Whether you are a new executive coach or a seasoned expert, our hope is that you will be enriched by the fact that there is no one “right” model or no one “right” approach. In addition to the expertise shared, we want you to learn from these valuable stories that only come from hands-on experience with executives from a variety of global corporate and organizational settings. We think these stories will pique your own discovery and challenge you to reach for an even greater level of leadership and excellence in service to your clients and the coaching community at large.

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