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First European Executive Coaching Summit White Paper

K Burrus International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2004

As the European’s First Executive Coaching Summit, one of the key themes discussed was what could be the European contributions to executive coaching and what some of the different cultural perceptions of coaching were. Best practices in defining coaching processes and measuring success and how executive coaching links with leadership or organizational develop were debated. Another group analyzed, who is the client: the coachee or the organization? Where does executive coaching start? Is it linked to the leadership development or to the organizational development? Participants also were concerned with how to help formalize and legitimize executive coaching’s contribution to society and they debated the usable frameworks for operational results and socially responsible, sustainable development. Finally, the executive coaches present discussed the executive coaching of tomorrow and what topics needed to be further researched. The summit had a group of stimulating and experienced individuals that debated in a relaxed and congenial environment.

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