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Executive Coaches Converse on Clients, Colleagues & Careers

J Wright, W Bergquist, B Johnson, L Miller, M O’Neill, J Sandstrom, V Williams, K Zepuntke International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2005

This article presents commentary delivered during a panel discussion conducted as a part of the ICF 9th Annual Conference in Quebec City on November 5, 2005. The discussion consisted of three levels or topical areas and was entitled “Taking it Deeper: The Art and Science of Credible Executive Coaching.” We believe the program was particularly well received because it included agenda topics that are not often discussed in public forums. Panelists were willing to take a bit of a chance and publicly share perceptions and feelings on topics like client relationships, colleague perceptions and personal career aspirations that are normally discussed behind closed doors. This candid communication set the stage for a dynamic communications exchange and heightened attendee interaction. The moderator and panelists placed nearly 150 years of combined executive coaching experience on the line and willingly presented their stories knowing all the while that their position would be challenged by fellow panelists using a point vs. counterpoint technique to express their differing viewpoints. We hope you find this article thought provoking and that it causes you to stop and compare notes on how you feel about each subject being addressed. Equally important, we urge you to volunteer as a future panelist at the 2006 annual conference. To a person, we can assure you that your commitment will be repaid twofold in career gains.

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