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Integral Intelligence™: Unleashing Potential in Leaders and Organizations

D Stoneham, P Weger, D Rocco International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2006

In this article, the authors describe a novel approach to coaching and leadership development that uses a holistic model, Integral Intelligence™, to generate significant expansion of the capacity and capability of leaders and their teams. Examples from their experience working with thirty leaders from the west division of Comcast Communications, a Fortune 100 company, illustrate the integral intelligence™ approach to leadership development. Interested readers will be coaches, individuals with leadership development responsibility in organizations, and leaders interested in exploring a unique approach that is generating powerful results. a significant distinction in this leadership development process is the authors’ focus in supporting leaders in developing a powerful “leadership presence” by becoming more conscious of the impact of their behaviors, attitudes, and actions on their effectiveness. This is what they call way-of-being, which is cultivated through the development of Integral Intelligence™.

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