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The Coaching Impact Study: Measuring the Value of Executive Coaching with Commentary

B Schlosser, D Steinbrenner, E Kumata, J Hunt International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2007

When the topic of the return on investment (“ROI”) of coaching comes up among coaching professionals, there is often skepticism about its ultimate usefulness. This may be rooted in the notion, held by some, that it is essentially impossible to accurately measure ROI. This paper reports on our efforts to develop a meaningful methodology for the study of return on investment broadly construed, of executive coaching. We will present a brief overview of the rationale for continued efforts to come to grips with the ROI challenge followed by a description of the methodology developed by the research team and some of the results from the study to date. our goal has been to create an approach that will help organizations enhance informed decision-making regarding how to invest in executive leadership coaching, as well as to share information about the impact and value of leadership coaching with the larger leadership development communities.

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