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Coaching Emotional Intelligence: The Business Case For Human Capital

B Smith International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2007

In this article, the author describes how old habits die hard, keeping both individuals and organizations stuck in the past, habitually keeping to old patterns. This Working Strategy is hard wired into the paradigms, the language and former, hierarchical structures of management influenced by the Industrial Age. Shifting demographics today places power with the labor force -- on the supply side, giving rise to the Talent Age. Now, we need not only managers of process, but leaders of people. Leaders who have been coached and in turn coach employees have more impact on hard results by virtue of their soft skills. We have a rallying cry for engagement in the workplace because it drives productivity, profitability and retention. This is the what that we need. The how is the Leadership Multiplierâ„¢ and its exponential impact on employees when emotional intelligence drives this connection.

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