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Coaching For New Business Creation

M Bernardez, JAV Gomez, A Uribe, A Santana International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2007

The authors describe a successful intervention to shepherd a young company through its early stages of development. Equipped with an appreciation for the systemic issues that confront new firms, a fresh (even counter-intuitive) business development model, and consulting, coaching and project management tools to wield, the authors distinguish how to address ‘parenting’ stage-specific challenges. With an integrated team approach, the change agents determine where and when to provide content and process expertise (consulting), and to provide context challenge, perspective, opinion and structure (alignment and executive coaching). Over time, the client organization is able to learn and grow its processes, systems and human capital to develop in a sustainable manner. this bodes well, not only for the organization, but for the larger business ecosystem in which it resides.

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