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The Power of Presence and Intentional Use of Self: Coaching for Awareness, Choice and Change

D Siminovitch, A Van Eron International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

The authors of this article suggest that our contemporary challenge is dealing with the deep uncertainty of our times, while inspiring others to move toward and achieve desired goals is an implicit mandate for leaders, coaches, and consultants who work in organizations. Today’s coaches facilitate creating order out of chaos in the face of not knowing what is needed or what Taleb (2007) calls the “unknown unknowns”. This accelerated rate of change is a force shaping coaching as a powerful strategic tool assisting executives and leaders in their learning and change efforts. The basic “code” of coaching as a profession is that it is a practice intended to facilitate change and development (McLean, 2008). To face these challenges, the evolution of coaching requires greater understanding of the coach’s role, their presence in the learning process, and their challenges in navigating through uncertainty.

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