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Developing a Coaching Culture at TaylorMadeadidas Golf: An Exploration of Lessons Learned

B McHenry, C Harrah, D Berry International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

In this article the authors describe their experience in the establishment of a culture of development at the TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company through the implementation of professional coaching. Their intent is to share the critical lessons learned as they worked to establish and sustain an internal professional coaching initiative. Through the lens of these lessons, the authors examine the genesis of the effort, explaining the challenge that brought formal development efforts to the organization in the first place. McHenry, Harrah and Berry then explore the various phases and stages of the coaching effort, providing a historical perspective on how and why it took form and the challenges associated with the different phases of the work. Additionally, the lessons they share will highlight the outcomes and impact of professional coaching on the business.

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