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Global Coaching Contracts: Differences between U.S. and European Corporate Approaches and Lessons Learned

L Voss, S Oberli International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

This article examines the differences, similarities and cultural nuances of the coaching vendor-selection process for U.S.- based and European-based multinationals. Drawing from a decade of experience in responding to more than 30 Requests for Proposal (RFPs), authors Laurie Voss and Stefan Oberli synthesize the process and business of becoming a successful vendor of executive coaching to global organizations. For example, in the U.S., many multinational companies are “outsourcing” the executive coaching function and seek vendors who can manage the quality, process, and delivery and will share status updates and other key talent information back to the organization. In Europe, coaching can be seen more as a “luxury”. Multinationals there often create their own coaching pool internally, comprising top local coaches who have been vetted by word-of-mouth or colleague referral. The authors also provide an in-depth look at a global RFP, from release to award, involving the technology giant EMC.

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