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Being You, Being Me – Successful Contracting for Coaching in an ‘Integral Age’

C Cooke International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

The practise of coaching is poised to make a leap to fully emerge as a ‘pioneering profession’ and to lead self and other into a new paradigm. To achieve this will require a jump in thinking which will influence the nature of the coaching contract, practise, metrics, and client attraction in a fundamental manner. In the final analysis, the primary coaching client is not the coachee; the primary coaching client is the catalyst that creates the conditions for life to emerge (lifePULSE). The new coaching contract can only emerge when the new motive (Life in Total), intelligence (Integral) and practice (Intentional) emerges. This may occur first in its application to self, and then in its transfer to other and, finally, in alignment with a new cosmology conducted in a life-in-total context. Our challenge, as coaches and clients, is simply to allow ourselves to grow into a new space that Cooke offers as Being You - Being Me.

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