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Coaching Research Project in Croatia: “The Role of Coaching in the Development of High Performance Individuals and Successful Business/Organization”

J Popadic, G Wallbridge International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2009

The article brings an abridged version of the first coaching research project conducted in Croatia in 2008. The purpose of the research was to explore and gather more reliable information on the current ‘state of affairs’ on coaching in Croatia and countries across the region. Namely, the early stage of use of coaching and modest educational and information source base in Croatian language have resulted in various interpretations, approaches and often, confusion and misconception on what coaching really is. This makes it harder for human resources professionals and decision makers when to decide what kind of coaching would fit best their needs and how to organize and manage coaching services. The research was initiated with the intention to assist organizations in gaining greater awareness and better understanding on coaching through some reliable, experience-based learning source. The authors’ goal was to identify and share existing (best) practices, and to enable for the results and findings to serve as an input and guidance in further development of high value coaching. The authors of this article report on the questions explored in the research, research approach and methodology as well as on the conclusions and indication on the future steps for development of coaching in Croatia and the region.

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