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“My win, your loss” or the Zero Sum Game: The Mind-set of Financial Markets Executives

S Caloni International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2009

The power and interconnectedness of global financial institutions and the impacts they have on the economy more broadly compel us as coaches and consultants to have some understanding of the mind-set and drivers of financial market executives. The author draws on her first-hand experience as a senior financial market executive, as well as her conversations with ex-colleagues and current coaching clients. It is through demonstrating what is missing in their conversations, what are their blind spots, that coaches add value. In gaining some familiarity with the behaviours, values and attitudes that underlie the “zero sum game” the coach can ask the illuminating or provocative questions. By “walking a mile in their moccasins” the coach can operate from compassion and acceptance rather than blame, making us more effective listeners. As global citizens, we cannot hide behind ignorance, platitudes or resignation in shaping the societies in which we live.

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