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Interview with Edie Seashore: On Coaching

D Siminovitch International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2010

It is an honor to interview Edith (Edie) Seashore. Whether one considers coaching a subset of organizational development (OD) or its own distinct professional activity, Edie has been a practitioner at the forefront of it all. She has been a student of seminal thought leaders and a leader of the core concepts involved in OD and coaching. She has demonstrated a unique development journey that has allowed her to deliver outstanding practice in foundational concepts such as use of self as practitioner, articulation of feedback towards new possibilities, and guidance for professional development. Edie has brought a quality of wisdom to all her work and remained vibrant in the evolution of practice. Students looking to integrate the wisdom of OD with the excellence of coaching can learn by the choices Edie made while venturing on her professional career path. We welcome Edie's "story" as a guide for the choices many of us have yet to make for our own coaching excellence.

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