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Knowledge and Skills Versus Beliefs and Attitudes: Effectiveness of REN Coaching Model in China

L Leung Fourth ICF Coaching Research Symposium 2006

The present study is a pioneer quantitative study aims at studying the effect of REN Coaching model (which emphasizes balanced growth in, not only 'knowledge and skills: but also 'beliefs and attitudes') on corporate performance, and the importance of both skills (Skill) and attitudes (Tao) in coaching practice. A total of 72 participants participated in the study. Each participants were asked to complete a questionnaire, providing information on their coaching skills, attitudes and latest corporate performance of their own businesses or companies. The results showed that corporate performance in Top Human graduates' businesses improved significantly greater than that of the controls~ Top Human graduates trained by REN Coaching model also reported significantly higher scores in both parts (Tao and Skill) of the 9-dot Leadership questionnaire than controls who have no REN Coaching training. The results indicated a positive correlation of 9-dot Leadership and corporate performance: as the 9-dot Leadership score improves, there is a corresponding improvement in each aspect of corporate performance. Multiple regression analyses were carried out in the study and the regression models showed that both Tao and Skill are significant contributors in predicting corporate performance. The result supported the notion that Tao and Skill are connected. They grow and promote each other. Tao affects a person's direction, while Skill motivates a person to move toward a direction. It is important for leaders to possess and balance both aspects to make a difference in their corporate performance.

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