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Coaching in another language: Opportunities for coaches and coachees

K Kanelidou 2017

Can coaching in another language provide an opportunity for the coach's mastery? Can it be a vehicle for the coachee's growth? Usually, when we talk about coaching in another language we focus on the challenges; how to be authentic in a non native language. We also talk about the opportunities presented from a business perspective. But how can it be an opportunity for mastery and growth? I am Katerina Kanelidou, a leadership coach, trainer and mentor. In 2009 I founded my own coaching and training company in Greece and it was very clear to me from the beginning that I wanted to work globally, without geographical or other limitations. Immediately, I started participating in international projects and since then, I coach, train and mentor people from around the world. I also became associate director at Pivomo (UK based company), an associate at Asterys, a member of the HBR advisory council and a member of the global faculty of the International Coach Academy. The ability to coach, train and mentor in English, Greek and Spanish brought many wonderful opportunities. But this presentation is not about the business opportunities that coaching in another language can bring. It is about exploring the opportunities to grow as coaches ourselves and increase the effectiveness of our coaching conversations.

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