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The adolescent experience of motivational interviewing-via-Co-active Life Coaching as a motivational intervention: A constructivist grounded theory

E Hall, D Morrow International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2018

Motivational Interviewing-via-Co-Active Life Coaching (MI-via-CALC) was investigated as a possible behaviour intervention for adolescents who experience stressors in their lives. The strength of this constructivist grounded theory (CGT) study was its potential to explain what eventuated from the adolescents’ experience of MI-via-CALC. Of considerable import among the findings is that the coaching relationship is critical to the adolescent throughout the processes of MI-via-CALC. “Getting it done” emphasized the process that developed from this CGT study, and best related the four major concepts, “empowering self,” “shoring up purpose,” “creating connections” and “envisioning the future.” The knowledge developed from this study delivers implications for health promotion, education, parenting, further research, and counselling.

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