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Making the Grade: Mentors’ Perspectives of a Course-Based, Smart, Healthy Campus Pilot Project for Building Mental Health Resiliency Through Mentorship and Physical Activity

R Fried, S Karmali, J Irwin, F Gable, A Salmoni International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2018

The purpose of this academic-year-long pilot study was to explore senior Kinesiology students’ (i.e., ‘mentors’; N = 30) experiences in an undergraduate course focused on building resilience among firstyears via physical activity (PA) and mentorship. The psychosocial experiences of mentors were also tracked via qualitative interviews and validated questionnaires at pre-, mid-, and post-intervention. Inductive content analysis revealed mentors’ perspectives of the program’s positive influence on their PA, resilience, and mental health; and some added stressors. One-way, repeated-measures ANOVAs indicated few statistically significant findings over time regarding participants’ levels of: resilience [F(2, 54) = 8.82 , p < .05]; behavioural control [F(2, 54) = 25.44, p < .05 ]; and positive affect [F(2, 54) = 52.97, p < .05 ]. This pilot program demonstrates promise for future university-based interventions.

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