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Reflective practice for coaches and clients: An integrated model for learning

A Hullinger, J DiGirolamo, J Tkach Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2019

The literature on reflection, awareness, and self-regulation provides theoretical and empirical fruit for understanding self-processing mechanisms that enhance learning, growth, and performance. A literature review was conducted to explore the potential of reflection, awareness, and self-regulation as developmental tools for coaches. From the review, an integrated Reflective Practice Model was created to help coaches understand these three self-processing mechanisms as an integrated skill set for facilitating personal and professional growth for both the coach and client. The model assumes that reflection and awareness are antecedents to self regulation. Each term is conceptualized as a skill that can be learned. This model may be used for reflection inward (internal), awareness to personal actions or emotions, and enhanced self-regulation. Reflection upon past events is considered a generalized application, however, the model may also be used in the moment of a discussion. Similarly, the model may be used by a coach to influence client reflection, self-awareness and self-regulation. While others have written about these concepts, to date no one has compiled these elements into a single, integrated model.

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