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The evolution of a business owner

S Davis Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2020

This article describes my personal experiences as a business owner over the course of the last almost 40 years. To be descriptive I have used a lens that incorporates stages in the growth of a professional-services business and then the lens of reflections about my personal experiences. Although I have attempted to provide a flavor of the joys and fears inherent in each of these stages, for me the joys have far outweighed the fears. I simply cannot imagine a more stimulating, rewarding, fun, and challenging journey. When I started my business, MDA Leadership, I did not realize the multiple roles I would play—consultant, investor, leader, dreamer, creator, psychologist, and collaborator. Growing a business requires making trade-offs and trusting yourself to take risks. Luckily, I have had the good fortune of all of these stages becoming a team sport. I hope my story sparks some recognition, reflection, and ideas in you.

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