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Bridging the team coaching competency gap: A review of the literature

L Widdowson, L Rochester, P Barbour, A Hullinger International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2020

The primary purpose of this literature review was to provide a comprehensive background for understanding current knowledge, to highlight the significance of new research and to offer a new perspective. A synthesis approach has been used, combining a narrative review and an integrative review. Narrative reviews can inspire research ideas by identifying gaps or inconsistencies in a body of knowledge, thus helping researchers to determine research questions or formulate hypotheses. Integrative reviews are intended to address emerging topics to create initial conceptualizations. This review indicates that the limited team coaching research to date has focused on defining the term, identifying effectiveness factors and investigating the efficacy of team coaching. While each of these areas require further research for team coaching to move beyond its pre-theory status, it would appear that research and theoretical framing for team coaching competencies is even further behind.

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