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An integral quadrants perspective of coaching presence: A qualitative study of professional coaches

M Abravanel, J Gavin International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring 2021

A multi-dimensional perspective emerged from this qualitative investigation of coaching presence pertaining to a coach's focus and behaviors during a coaching session. The qualitative methodology was informed by grounded theory and employed sensitising concepts derived from Wilber's quadrant framework. Data came from semi-structured interviews with 16 ICF certified coaches. Findings suggested six themes: (1) Mindful Awareness, (2) Authentic Connection, (3) Conscious Attunement, (4) Embodied Way, (5) Holding Outcomes, and (6) Structural Alignment. These themes appeared to reflect Wilber's observations about subjective, objective, intersubjective, and inter-objective ways of being and perceiving.

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