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Investigating the use of speech-based conversational agents for life coaching

L Aymerich-Franch, I Ferrar International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2022

Life coaching can contribute to goal attainment, quality of life, and psychological well-being enhancement. We explored the capacity of a speech-based conversational agent coach (CAC) to deliver a coaching program for goal achievement in two studies. Participants showed a significant increase in personal growth initiative (PGI) after completing the program both in the pilot and the main study. Participants in the main study additionally reported a significant increase in life satisfaction (SLS) and a significant decrease in negative affect (PANAS-N). Usability of the application, satisfaction with the coaching program, and adoption intention were rated positively in both studies. The results suggest that working on goal achievement with the CAC had a positive impact on the psychological well-being of the participants. The study provides an empirically-validated approach for automated coaching interventions and highlights the potential of conversational agents for delivering life coaching.

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