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Exploring the experience of coaches in an international non-profit organisation using a values-based coaching framework

B Patel, C van Nieuwerburg International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and The Coaching and Mentoring Network Articles 2022

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was applied to explore coaches’ experience using a values-based coaching framework within an international non-profit organisation. The ‘Coaching for Alignment’ model facilitated values-based coaching through semi-structured interviews; the subjective experience and phenomenological thinking of values were explored. The participants' experience provided emergent themes of thought provocation, empowerment, and discomfort through the coaching dialogue. Preliminary insight into how coaching for values can support the coaches’ development in realising values congruence, interpreted through a positive psychology coaching lens, is offered. Values-based coaching in non-profits organisations can encourage self-reflection and empowerment in coaches supporting organisational coaching programmes.

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