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Can Chatbots like GPT-4 replace human coaches: Issues and dilemmas for the coaching profession, coaching clients and for organisations

J Passmore, D Tee The Coaching Psychologist. 2023

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has led to the speculation that chatbots could revolutionise the coaching industry in the coming decade, replacing humans as the main provider of coaching conversations. The development of GPT4 has led to these bots becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective at providing support and guidance in various fields. Coaching providers have been quick to operationalise these generative language tools to create new products like AIMY, evoach and Vici. This paper examines the potential of AI chatbots and their integration into coaching tools. It will review the advantages and current limitations of AI coaching chatbots and offer a preliminary definition for the field, seeking to differentiate chatbots from human coaching. The paper also explores the role of coaching psychology, professional bodies and governments in the development and evolution of AI systems and coaching chatbots, and suggests the urgent need for action to protect clients and organisations from unregulated and unethical practices.

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