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A conceptual model of coaching efficacy: Preliminary investigation and instrument development. Journal of Educational Psychology

D Feltz, M Chase, S Moritz, P Sullivan 1999

The authors present a conceptual model of coaching efficacy and develop a reliable and valid instrument to measure the concept and to examine its hypothesized sources and outcomes. Coaching efficacy is defined as the extent to which coaches believe they have the capacity to affect the learning and performance of their athletes. Using high...

Cites in Google Scholar: 680
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Supervisory Coaching Behavior, Employee Satisfaction, and Warehouse Employee Performance: A Dyadic Perspective in the Distribution Industry.

A Ellinger, S Keller Human Resource Development Quarterly 2003

Coaching has received considerable attention in recent years as the responsibility for employees' learning and development has been increasingly devolved to line managers. Yet there exists little published empirical research that measures specific coaching behaviors of line managers or examines the linkages between line managers' coaching...

Cites in Google Scholar: 777
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