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Coaching Fleet drivers-- a randomized controlled trial(RCT) of‘short coaching’

J Passmore, M Velez The Coaching Psychologist. 2012

The issue of coaching as a potential learning methodology has been highlighted by a European Union task force (HERMES, 2010) and has been the subject of a number of research papers over the past two years. This paper reports the results from a RCT study of coaching with fleet drivers based on a sample of 327 participants, and ...

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Coaching psychology and research evidence: The role of scepticism

RSP Jones The Coaching Psychologist 2012

By virtue of their psychological background, coaching psychologists are trained in the perspective of scientific philosophy and this gives them a vital role in relation to the many approaches currently being used by coaches. This philosophical perspective is based on the acceptance or rejection of hypotheses at specified levels of conf...

Cites in Google Scholar: 5
Coaching as a learning methodology: A mixed methods study in driver development using a randomized controlled trial and thematic analysis

J Passmore, H Rehman International Coaching Psychology Review 2012

Objectives: This mixed methods study reviewed the role of coaching in the driver development environment. The study sought to explore the impact of coaching as a learning methodology and to compare this with an instruction-based approach. Design: The study involved a mixed methods sequential design. The first part of the study was a ra...

Cites in Google Scholar: 45
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