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Peer Coaching: A Strategy for Facilitating Transfer of Training. A CEPM R&D Report.

B Showers 1984

Research has shown that with thorough training, most teachers can acquire new skills and strategies to add to their instructional repertoires. However, the literature also identifies a frequent failure to transfer new knowledge to classroom practice among trainees. Building on previous research, the study reported here investigated the ef...

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GAS powered coaching: Goal Attainment Scaling and its use in coaching research and practice.

G Spence International Coaching Psychology Review 2007

As the demand for an evidence-based approach to coaching grows, so does the need for rigourous outcome measures. However, despite the fact that coaching is a goal-focused process, there has been little discussion in the coaching literature about different approaches to measuring goal attainment. Given that goal attainment represents a key...

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Exploring Adult Learners Usage of Information Communication Technology during a Virtual Peer Coaching Experience

R Ladyshewsky, R Pettapiece Online Learning 2014

The purpose of this study was to explore how post-graduate students in a fully online business course used information communication technology during a virtual peer coaching experience. In this exploration of technology use it was found students required additional guidance in the use of technologies such as email, telephone calling, and...

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Professional and peer life coaching and the enhancement of goal striving and well-being: An exploratory study

GB Spence, AM Grant The Journal of Positive Psychology 2007

Few studies have investigated the impact of life coaching on self-regulated behavior and well-being. A limitation of past studies has been their reliance on peer rather than professional coaches. The present randomized controlled study compared peer with professional life coaching over a 10-week period with 63 participants. Results indica...

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Born to be me… who am I again? The development of Authentic Leadership using Evidence-Based Leadership Coaching and Mindfulness

L Kinsler International Coaching Psychology Review 2014

The following paper explores the construct of Authentic Leadership. More specifically it considers pathways to Authentic Leadership development, proposing Evidence-Based Leadership Coaching (EBLC) coupled with mindfulness training as an appropriate approach. While the definition of Authentic Leadership is still being debated amongst ac...

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Teaching coaching psychology to undergraduates – perceptions and experiences

C Steele, J Arthur International Coaching Psychology Review 2012

Objectives: This exploratory study examines undergraduates’ perceptions and experiences of coaching psychology during a 12-week optional module. Design: Qualitative data was gathered through short interviews with students at the start of the module and personal reflective statements at the end of the module. Method: Students conducted...

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Peer Coaching in American Intercollegiate Athletics: An investigation of team dynamics, confidence and studentathlete learning

DZ Merian, EM Snyder International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2015

Peer coaching is a peer mediated strategy that places the onus on the student-athlete to serve as both a player coach and a coached player. This exploratory study examined the effects of peer coaching among 18 student-athletes within a NCAA Division III institution located in the United States. To the author’s knowledge, this is the ...

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Reciprocal Peer Coaching Supported by a Professional Coach: The Future of Sustained Leader Development?

L Kemp Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2019

Leader development requires learning new ways of behaving, which takes sustained practice over time, yet organizations continue to focus their efforts in traditional classroom style workshops, spending billions of dollars in the process. This paper describes and interrogates a contemporary approach to leader development, that includes...

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