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What did you expect? An examination of career-related support and social support among mentors and prot \'e g \'e s

AM Young, PL Perrewe Journal of Management 2000

Perceptions of mentors and protégés were examined to understand how the mentoring exchange is perceived and how perceptions of the exchange influence feelings about the relationship. In particular, we suggest that there are specific behaviors related to career and social support exhibited throughout the mentoring process. It was hypothesi...

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An Analysis of Learning Outcomes within Formal Mentoring Relationships

J Jones International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2012

This study is an investigation into what mentees and mentors perceive they are learning and what factors contribute to this learning, within formal mentoring relationships. A qualitative case study approach was taken to review mentors‟ and mentees‟ learning at regular intervals throughout a pilot formal mentoring programme, within a We...

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Effects of the similarity between mentees and mentors on the evaluation of the ‘Mentoring for Migrants Program’

E Neuwirth, I Wahl International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2017

The Mentoring for Migrants Program aims to increase migrants’ chances in the Austrian labour market. Results of the online questionnaire (N=177) showed that the program was evaluated positively by the mentored migrants. No relation was found between objective similarity in the sociodemographic background of the mentees and mentors and the...

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