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Peer mentoring in the industrial sales force: An exploratory investigation of men and women in developmental relationships

LM Fine, EB Pullins Journal of Personal Selling \& Sales Management 1998

Peer mentoring relationships are common in sales organizations, but there have been few systematic investigations of the nature of these relationships in the sales domain. Additionally, the literature from other fields is mixed on whether men and women fare differently in mentoring relationships. We investigate the nature of mentoring in ...

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The role of mentoring on outcome based sales performance: A qualitative study from the insurance industry

M Rollins, B Rutherford, D Nickell International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2014

This study explores informal mentoring on outcome-based salesperson performance. Mentoring is believed to play an important role within corporations, yet little empirical evidence exists on its impact on salesperson performance. The authors interviewed salespeople of an international insurance company regarding mentoring and sales per...

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