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Full and errant coaching effects on assigned role leaderless group discussion performance

PM Kurecka, J Austin, W Johnson, JL Mendoza Personnel Psychology 1982

The effect of coaching on Leaderless Group Discussion Performance was examined. Thirty-six female undergraduate subjects participated in six-person assigned role leaderless group discussions. Trained observers evaluated performances in each discussion, which included two 5s from each of three coaching conditions. Ss in full coaching condi...

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Relationship of coaching with performance in situational employment interviews.

T Maurer, J Solamon, D Troxtel Journal of Applied Psychology 1998

This field study addressed the question of whether voluntary participation in interview coaching is related to performance in situational interviews. Promotional procedures in 4 different police and fire department jobs were involved, allowing replication in separate samples. In 3 of 4 jobs, when controlling for indicators of candidates' ...

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