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Self-efficacy mechanism in human agency

A Bandura American Psychologist 1982

Addresses the centrality of the self-efficacy mechanism (SEM) in human agency. SEM precepts influence thought patterns, actions, and emotional arousal. In causal tests, the higher the level of induced self-efficacy, the higher the performance accomplishments and the lower the emotional arousal. The different lines of research reviewed sho...

Cites in Google Scholar: 32529
Strengths-based development in practice.

TD Hodges, D Clifton Wiley and Sons 2004

What is strengths-based development, and what scientific evidence underpins its practice? To answer these questions, decades of strengths research and theory are reviewed and summarized. The impacts of several strengths-based developmental interventions from education, healthcare, faith communities, and business are reviewed. Relationship...

Cites in Google Scholar: 433
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