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Evaluating leadership coaching: A review and integrated framework.

L Boyce, K Ely, J Nelson, S Zaccaro, G Hernez-Broome, W Whym... The Leadership Quarterly 2010

Leadership coaching reflects an evolving dynamic between the client and coach that is qualitatively different from most approaches to leadership development and therefore holds particular challenges for evaluation. Based on reviews of academic and practitioner literatures, this paper presents an integrated framework of coaching evaluation...

Cites in Google Scholar: 515
A pluralistic approach to coaching

ZA Ultry, S Palmer, J McLeod, M Cooper The Coaching Psychologist 2015

A pluralistic approach to coaching and coaching psychology is proposed, based on Cooper and McLeod's ( 2011) pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy. Since we live in increasing complexity, it can be assumed that there are many right ways to coaching. The pluralistic approach suggests that instead of leaving the coach responsible for...

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