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Research as "Expertising": A reading guide for practicing coaches

L Page Second ICF Coaching Research Sympsoium 2004

Practicing coaches have been challenged (Grant, 2004) to become both informed consumers and producers of research in order to establish coaching as a full profession. A model of “expertising” is presented as a guide to utilizing research to increase individual coaching mastery. Specific guidelines are introduced to make reading resear...

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Talking career across disciplines: Peer group mentoring for women academics

A Collins, I Lewis, E Stracke, R Vanderheide International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2014

This paper presents the lived experiences of eight women academics who were members of a Women’s Group Mentoring Program during a period of rapid change in a university environment. Using a qualitative approach integrated with a participatory action research method, data was generated through the narratives of the group members. The a...

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